eSolutions Xchange 2021 Virtual Conference
August 24 & 25, 2021

eSolutions Xchange 2021 Conference Update

We missed you all this year after we were unable to see you in person at our annual conference. We worked to ensure our community focused on our virtual offerings through our webinars on Transparency in February and Interoperability in August, which are available under the Webinars tab here on our website. Our next webinar will be held in February, focusing on the latest BCBSA updates. Keep an eye out for the invitation coming soon. These webinars, and these communications will help us share the latest on our evolving plans for our annual conference and let us keep in touch with you all as our community partners.
This year brought focus to responding to all the challenges of the year, as we kept the health and safety of our communities as our first priority. We continue to do so as we evaluate the hopes for a more connected society in 2021. It’s a new year that brings hopes for more innovation in COVID vaccines and availability of testing, and our industry is learning more about telehealth best practices, clinical exchange and other positive innovations.
The landscape today is clearer, and we are planning a virtual eSolutions Xchange conference in late August in lieu of meeting in person. There are exciting new technologies that offer the closest experience to our real life conferences to bring us together to share innovative solutions and opportunities.
Your Steering Committee meets regularly to bring you our webinars and plan for our annual conferences. We have a new member joining us that should be familiar to many of you, Durwin Day with HCSC. Durwin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our committee, and has been a part of our annual conferences as a speaker and attendee for many years. As we welcome Durwin, we say goodbye to one of our valued steering committee members, John Bialowicz. Join us in congratulating John as he retires from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan at the end of this year. John’s insights, expertise and engaging personality have been a great asset to our steering committee and while we wish him the best and a great retirement, we will miss him as part of this community.
We look forward to meeting virtually August 24 & 25, 2021 and seeing everyone face to face in 2022 in New Orleans.  Stay well, and thank you for your commitment and support of our healthcare communities.

- Your 2021 Steering Committee

eSolutions Xchange Mission Statement

eSolutions Xchange, formerly NPAG is committed to promoting Electronic Commerce as the primary method of business exchange and making it accessible to all healthcare entities, providing BCBS customers downstream value and administrative savings. 

2022 Conference Location

August 28 - 31, 2022
New Orleans, LA