About eSolutions Xchange
(formerly NPAG)


The Power of EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be a powerful tool in today's health care industry. Used properly to submit claims electronically, it saves hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars for health care insurers. And, it's interactive capabilities improve and support an insurer's communications with providers.

Does Blue Cross and Blue Shield understand this power? It appears many plans do. Each year, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans across the nation gather over 500 million electronic claims -- significantly more than the combined total of all our competitors.

In addition, the federal government has identified EDI as a potential cost-savings initiative. They estimate that electronic claim submission can save the national health care system over $40,000,000,000 (billion) per year.

Keeping Pace with the Power

The only thing that's moving faster than EDI itself, is the technology and the marketing that goes into it. To keep pace with the power and reap the benefits of EDI, your technology has to be top-notch and you have to be able to reach your market.

That's where the eSolutions Xchange comes in. Its conferences address how to reduce administrative costs and how to meet the automation explosion taking place in the industry.

An open forum for learning and information exchange

eSolutions Xchange provides a forum for the exchange of questions and answers about all aspects of EDI. It's objective is to bring people together to share knowledge, mistakes and successes.

eSolutions Xchange meets annually at different locations, with member plans as hosts. The conferences are serious business opportunities, offering eSolutions Xchange members a chance to:

  • Gather information and share details of their successes and failures with EDI.
  • Network with people of other plans, giving them future contacts for sharing information and ideas.
  • Learn from current technology, trends and marketing strides from experts within and outside of the Blues.
  • Identify Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans with similar EDI networks; again giving future contacts for sharing information and ideas.

The eSolutions Xchange Mission 

The eSolutions Xchange is committed to promoting Electronic Commerce as the primary method of business exchange and making it accessible to all healthcare entities, providing BCBS customers downstream value and administrative savings.

The eSolutions Xchange Vision

Electronic Commerce becomes the primary method of business exchange available to...and valued by...Plan customers.